Property Overloading in PHP

Overloading in PHP handled in different manner which is not similar to other programming language.With PHP overloading you can dynamically create properties and methods.These entities are processed by introducing some special methods which are known as “Magic Methods”. These magic methods are known as overloading methods in PHP. In PHP overloading done on different level(…)

Displaying subcategories from the categories in magento

Category/Subcategory management feature is already provided by Magento through their admin section. If someone is required to display all subcategories from any particular category that usually required in order to match the requirement of the project. Then you can use the code below to perform this task. If you are adding more category from Magento(…)

Understanding magento data storage

Understanding magento database structure is really a complex target in itself. But once we are able to understand it, we found that magento database is very tightly coupled and very normalized. It is synchronized such that its not easy to write an easy query to find any information from db. The reason behind it is(…)

Right Attitude Toward life

Many common problems are caused by wrong attitudes. People see them self as the center of the universe and judge everything as it relates to them, naturally you won’t be happy that way. Think life in a positive way. Following are the ideal attitude you should have:- Life is a series of test :- Every(…)

An Introduction to Cloud Computing

The next generation of internet is Cloud Computing. Although it is in very early stage but the future  of Clouds only. In cloud computing you don’t need every application must be installed to your machine. Instead of this cloud will provide server based application and data. Now we will have centralize application that will be(…)

The Periodic Table for Latest SEO Ranking Factors: An Infographic

Search Engine Land has designed periodic table of SEO Ranging. It clearly illustrates the most important things that can help you gain the relevant traffic from search engines. Whole Periodic table is divided into four groups named as 1. On – Page SEO Rank Factors 2. Off-Page SEO Rank Factors 3. Search engine Guideline Violations(…)

Importance of Mysql Functions

Mysql which has already lot of built in function that provides flexibility during writing of SQL Queries.Apart from that mysql allows us to create our own custom functions as well. These custom functions are known as mysql function. Mysql functions are different than mysql procedures in broadly following sense: >> Stored function return single value(…)

Google has updated Page Rank for all the websites in July 2011

If you are a webmaster then most probably you have seen the page rank of your website got changed in next few days. There are some guys who obsessed with Google Page Rank and see every day what is my current PR. For those guys who feels negative about Page Rank don’t worry if your(…)

Drupal is lauching soon Net Telephoney for your normal mobiles

Drupal is working on next generation of Web that will be voice based applications.As we all know, Drupal is a collection of modules and each modules follow same type of architecture. Drupal a coming with a great Module which is known as VOIP Module. Now you don’t need to always have smartphone or Iphone to(…)

8 Best Reason for popularity of Drupal

Drupal which is already running with Lacs of websites that handles many types of business which includes Government Agencies, NGO, Individual, Blog etc……. And these lists are arelady increasing. The reason behind its so much of powerful Open source package. Here are the list of drupal features that makes it more powerful and force to(…)