CS Cart

How to Delete Cache in CS Cart based site

CS cart based site uses a very strong kind of cache mechanism. If you are trying to change the theme in order to change the design of the site. Then it might be that  even after selecting a new theme from admin section you wouldn’t find that your new theme is being applied with your(…)

How to install a new theme in CS Cart

There are two ways to get a new theme for CS Cart. Here i am assuming that you already have a zipped version of CS Cart theme file. Below are the steps to install a new theme with your current CS Cart setup. i) Extract that zipped file ii) Copy that file into “var/skins_repository” iii)(…)

How does Block Manager works in CS Cart

Most of the webmasters always want to show their website should look very interesting and unique in terms of design. To meet this CS-cart has already come with block manager.Block manager allows you to add different information blocks to store pages – and the flexibility of its options means creating blocks that are likely to(…)

How to enable SSL in your CS-Cart?

SSL Configuration is one of the important aspect of CS Cart configuration. To protect your data from unauthorize way usually webmasters pass their data through SSL Channels.Here are the steps to enable SSL cart in your CS Cart. Step 1: Login to CS-Cart Admin Section and go to Settings under Adminstration Menu.Now Under General Settings(…)

Importance of hooks and how to add a hook in cs cart

Hooks plays an important role in CS Cart software. Basically this is used to implement or overrite any functionality. You must have seen some code like below in your template file that shows all information related to your order. As a developer we must wiling to know where is the  actual code of this hook(…)

CS cart overview and major features

These days i have got an opportunity to optimize the CS-Cart website.So in order to start looking for their code and database I need to ensure “Which version of CS cart is running for this website”. I hope a lot of developers are looking for *. Quick and easy solution about “Get the CS Cart(…)