Fix Google hCard Warnings

How to Fix Google hCard Warnings You might see some warning while checking your website on “Google Rich Snippet Tool”. Like Warning: Missing required field “entry-title”. Warning: Missing required field “updated”. Warning: Missing required hCard “author”. Warning: At least one field must be set for Hcard. Warning: Missing required field “name (fn)”. Warning: At least(…)

Website Optimaztion Tips and Techniques

Website Optimization is a process which makes website speed faster on web browsers. Faster speed means faster response time and faster response time means minimum waiting time for websites customers or viewers. The least time a website takes to open the most it understood efficient. Website Optimaztion Tips and Techniques *. CSS Based Optimization :(…)

Custom 404 page integration with .htaccess and their SEO impact

If some visitor opens the url that doesn’t exist on the website then that url show 404 page. The best way to handle customers request to show a customized 404 page on the website and then link 404 page with website through .htaccess file when someone opens a link that is not available to the(…)

Top 10 Factors that Make your website big Hit

1. Keep your contains regularly updated: Regular update of contents over website helps google (and other search engines) to know that this website keeps concurrent information .Based on this sense Search Engines offer this website URL more frequently to the visitors on same keywords than their competitor websites. 2. Relevant Keyword and structured content: Its very difficult for a web(…)

What is the Use of Robots.txt file

This file is used by website owners to give instructions to the search engines about the website. Because as soon as any search engine comes to the website it directly reads the instructions written into /robots.txt file. This is known as Robots Exclusion Protocal .   Just in order to make it very clear as(…)

Leverage browser caching tutorial and their implementation

Several times we see that the website has lots of images used on page like banner image, footer image, header image , button image and so on . So each time when the pages start loading on the website then all image gets loaded each time wheneven page gets refresh.   In Short Leverage browser(…)

How to check your website is accessible to Google or not

The prime concern of any website is to share their contents across the world with the help of available search engines. So it must be take care whether the website is accessible to Search Engine,Bot etc.. . You can easily check whether the website is accessible to Google through Google Webmaster. Most of the websites(…)

How to increase website rank with SEO tips and tricks

In order to get your website ranked, get more visibility for proposed customers/visitors our website must have a good reputation from SEO point of view. So every webmaster should have a clear idea how SEARCH Engines works and what are the main components of SEARCH ENGINE. Below are the main components of SEARCH ENGINE: *.(…)

Short Tutorial of On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO? On Page SEO is one of the optimization techniques that help google to read your web page so that Google crawler can update there database with the maximum information that you want to be searchable. The best your page On page will be the best google can store into their(…)

Importance of PageRank for website

PageRank: PageRank is a ranking system provided by Google. Its   more than a point system which is provided by Google on the basis of Meta tags and Contents of the page.There are few factors which increase the pageRank >> Meta Tags >> Site Contents >> Site Design >> Links (inbound and outbound link) Effect of(…)