What is Drupal Hooks and how to invoke hooks

Drupal Hooks are the beauty of Drupal . It provides easy way to enhance existing functionality of any drupal module. For example: Suppose you are using any module say “ed_classified” Module to create your classified based site and you want a require as soon as someone post a classified then admin should get notified for(…)

How to create a basic drupal 7 module for customtext block

How to create a basic drupal 7 module for customtext block Objective of Custom Text Module: Display Google Ad (or any custom text ) somewhere on your drupal 7 page. Since this tutorial is created for a primary module developer so I have created this module text within code itself. So that a basic developer(…)

How to enable Drupla 7 Contact Us form on website's Main Menu

Drupal 7 already comes  with in built Contact Us Module which can provide both site wide and Person wise contact us form.  But this Contact us module is not displayed on the top menu of site automatically. To show this contact us form we must need to do some manual configuration to the site. Steps(…)

Drupal is lauching soon Net Telephoney for your normal mobiles

Drupal is working on next generation of Web that will be voice based applications.As we all know, Drupal is a collection of modules and each modules follow same type of architecture. Drupal a coming with a great Module which is known as VOIP Module. Now you don’t need to always have smartphone or Iphone to(…)

8 Best Reason for popularity of Drupal

Drupal which is already running with Lacs of websites that handles many types of business which includes Government Agencies, NGO, Individual, Blog etc……. And these lists are arelady increasing. The reason behind its so much of powerful Open source package. Here are the list of drupal features that makes it more powerful and force to(…)