Consuming Web Service with PHP SoapClient

What is SOAPclient : To consume web service using PHP is possible through‘ target=’_blank’>SoapClient object. PHP 5.0 or more version comes with built in Soapclient class. That provides a client for SOAP 1.1 and SOAP 1.2. Example of SOAPClient with exception handling: With below example we can see what are all functions available at(…)

Best IDE for PHP Development

Although there are several IDE available that support PHP code development as well. But the question comes “What is the Best IDE for PHP”. While choosing best IDE for PHP few are the general criteria that comes into mind. For example: *. Is this PHP IDE, an open source product? Open Source means the IDE(…)

Custom 404 page integration with .htaccess and their SEO impact

If some visitor opens the url that doesn’t exist on the website then that url show 404 page. The best way to handle customers request to show a customized 404 page on the website and then link 404 page with website through .htaccess file when someone opens a link that is not available to the(…)

Leverage browser caching tutorial and their implementation

Several times we see that the website has lots of images used on page like banner image, footer image, header image , button image and so on . So each time when the pages start loading on the website then all image gets loaded each time wheneven page gets refresh.   In Short Leverage browser(…)

Steps to create coupon in magento

Step 1. Login to admin section Step 2. Go to “Promotion tab” coming under main menus Step 3. Click on “Shopping Cart Price Rule” from their menu options Step 4. You will see a manage page there . Now click on “Add New Rule” button Step 5. Now fill the form Step 6. Now fill(…)

Securing wordpress website with dual protection

Due to recent hacks of wordpress admin. A new debate comes what is the easiest and best possible way to secure a website that is being developed in wordpress. Although wordpress hack is done from passing a unnatural link back to uploading malicious script on the server. With keeping in mind this thing we must(…)

How to add more option to an attribute programmatically in magento

If you have a attribute available (In Magento Admin) and the data type of that attribut is drop down type. Suppose you get the huge values that needs to be entered as a option value for your magento attribute. Then you have two ways to add those values i) Add them manually ii) Add those(…)

How to call Web Service Through SOAP in javascript

Web Service can also be called with Javascript as well. I am explaining this by the use of AJAX. But the million dollor question is If Ajax is already there then what is the use of Web Service with Javascript? Is Web Service is better than general Ajax Call? The answer of all above question(…)

Example of Calling a Web Service based on wsdl through PHP

There are two ways to call Web Service with PHP : i) Calling Web Service with SOAP Client in PHP: PHP comes up with an in built class that is SOAP Client. You can use this like below code You just need to create an object of SOAP Client Class and it requires a wsdl(…)

Basic Document Structure of WSDL and their example

Basic Document Structure of WSDL and their example are below Message– Its a message that let human and machine provides explanatory details about web service .In other words its an information about data communication over web service call. With below code it let us know the detail of “getPosts” function about their request and response(…)