Web Security

Email distribution under folders under Mozilla Thunderbird

Its very obvious that you have tons of Emails in your Thunderbird inbox and certainly you don’t have time to manage/transfer your email one by one from one folder to another folder. We can easily handle the scenario by using a trick :   Trick to transfer email from one folder to another folder automatically:(…)

How to call Web Service Through SOAP in javascript

Web Service can also be called with Javascript as well. I am explaining this by the use of AJAX. But the million dollor question is If Ajax is already there then what is the use of Web Service with Javascript? Is Web Service is better than general Ajax Call? The answer of all above question(…)

Example of Calling a Web Service based on wsdl through PHP

There are two ways to call Web Service with PHP : i) Calling Web Service with SOAP Client in PHP: PHP comes up with an in built class that is SOAP Client. You can use this like below code You just need to create an object of SOAP Client Class and it requires a wsdl(…)

Basic Document Structure of WSDL and their example

Basic Document Structure of WSDL and their example are below Message– Its a message that let human and machine provides explanatory details about web service .In other words its an information about data communication over web service call. With below code it let us know the detail of “getPosts” function about their request and response(…)

Web Service and their implementation with SOAP

In today’s era most of the applications are being developed based on Service Oriented Application (SOA). In order to serve their clients request remotely web services has come into place. Web Service has two parts i) Procedures that are available on remote server which provide the response based on the query received from another server.(…)

Google E-Commerce integration guide

Google E-Commerce tracking is an efficient way to track your complete ecommerce transactions with google analytics. By implementing this method you can track your maximum information . With this tutorial you will learn “How to integrate Google E-Commerce Tracking with your website“.In order to integrate you must have your Google Analytics setup and E-commerce tracking(…)

What is VAT ID / VAT Number

What is VAT ID / VAT Number VAT Number / VAT ID are unique number being used in European Union (except the United Kingdom) . The basic use of this number to track the purchasing on behalf of a business withing EU (European Union). This is a unique number consist of upto 15 characters.The first(…)

How to edit hosts file in windows

What does the hosts file does on machine: Hosts file are similar to address book. As soon as you open any website in your browser the computer consult yours hosts file that “Is there any IP address assigned for this website in hosts files?” if its there then your browser ping that IP address in(…)

Why sometimes i get this connection is untrusted in firefox

Sometimes you may see the error message “This Connection Is Untrusted”. You will surely get few question in your mind >> Why i am getting “This Connection Is Untrusted” error message. >> Why Untrusted connection message always comes with the URL which are on SSL >> What is the solution of “This Connection Is Untrusted”(…)

Remove Satellite and Terrain tab from Google Map

Normally when we create Google map it automatically shows two tabs on the google map.Below are the example of the normal google map. Below are the code that produce above map Now to remove satellite and Terrain tab you need to modify above code like below Here one thing is notable we have added removeMapType(…)