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Remove $header$execute from vbulletin forum

You might see some irrelevant content on your home page of forum (most probably in the very top of site). If you are seeing such content then it might be that someone is trying to do some malicious activity on your website.    Why external code is being added to vbulletin forum In order to(…)

vbulletin forum is getting redirected to activty.php

Once you will upgrade your vbulletin forum to latest version 4.2 you will find that by difault forum is being redirected to activity.php which is not desired in most of the cases. Mostly forum.php should be displayed as default page of forum. Although prior to vbulletin 4.2 we are suppose to make changes in index.php(…)

How to earn more revenue from vbulletin forum

If you want to earn more revenue from your existing vbulletin forum then you need to increase your forum’s traffic and number of users. How to increase traffic on existing vbulletin forum: In order to increase the traffic of your forum you there are two great pluggins are available which can help you. 1.VBET Pluggin:(…)

Vbulletin Error for Table is marked as crashed and should repaired

Vbulletin which is a great forum software but if you are getting any email like Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1194 Table ‘session’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired; Code: HY000 To handle such kind of error you simply need to login to vbulletin section go to Maintenance >> Repair / Optimize tables Check(…)

How to modify the language string in vbulletin

vbulletin stores all the languages string from database. This languages are stored from language file “vbulletin-language.xml”. This file “vbulletin-language.xml” is found under “Install” folder of your directory. If you need to modify the any language string then you need to modify the “vbulletin-language.xml” file and reimport it into database. You will get contents into the(…)

Why Vbulletin is automatically creating tables like aaggregate_temp_% or aaggregate_temp_%

If you are seeing that your vbulletin database has  a lot of temp database tables are getting created automatically with some names like ‘taggregate_temp_%‘ or ‘aggregate_temp_%‘. Then there can be two reason behind the scene i)Your databases user doesnot have drop permission. Because vbulletin creates such temporary tables but this also gets dropped from the(…)

Change Vbulletin forums Admin Password through database directly

As a developer you may require to change the admin password . There are two ways to change password of vbulletin admin section. By using forget password feature in which you will receive new password on admin’s email. By updating new admin password from database directly.>> Admin’s password is stored into user table of vbulletin(…)

Adding Google Analytics with Vbulletin Forum

Google Analytics which is a free service provided by google to see the traffic status of your website and forums provide a better traffic than normal website because it is almost a sharing platform for all the world. So to receive and utilize these traffic there must be google analytics available on vbulletin forum. I(…)

Change logo of vbulletin forum

When we initially install vbulletin it looks something like below image Here we are seeing CMS page by default comes on screen but because most of the time our primary target is to show Forum page to the users not the CMS page so here are the way to showing forum page by default in(…)