Difference between Facebook Like and Facebook Recommend Button

Fecebook trends is commonly being used by all websites. Most of the websites already using facebook like or recommend button. Anyone can get the facebook like button from http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ On this page you can select either “Like” or “Recommend” button.  But before selecting any button a quick question comes in mind. “What is the Difference(…)

Facebook Application Setup on Facebook.com

To Create a facebook application for your website you need to create a new application on facebook first. You may use this link to create your facebook application .Use the above link and login to facebook . And click on “Create New Application ” Button Now Provide application name from the below popup box Now(…)

How to disallow Facebook application to access your personal information

When you join any facebook application then a Facebook pop up comes which asks for your permission to access all or some of your personal information to that facebook application. If you want that the facebook application should not allowed to access your some or all personal information then here are the steps to disallow(…)

Why Facebook Application are so popular

This great facebook application feature generating rush for marketers as well as  for companies to create their brand. Almost all major brands are already using it Facebook Application.Companies and marketers all are using facebook application as a weapon. Following are the features which makes Facebook application such a great. 1. Programmable– Its flexible in terms(…)

How can Facebook helps to create your own brand

Facebook Application helps you to reach many different target for different areas. Because this is the site that is being used from almost all category of people starts from children’s to old persons. That’s why facebook is becoming the premium choice for marketers and companies as well.  Everyone wants to create a brand now a(…)