Download a file Linux to windows using SSH

Here we will discuss the way to copy files from linux server to windows machine by using SSH using windows command line.   Download and Install PUTTY from Go to command line and PUTTY location by using command cd YOUR_PUTTY_PATH Command syntax: pscp <Path_To_Source_File> <Path_to_Destination>   and examples are as below Example command to(…)

What is Qmail Mail Transfer Agent

Qmail is a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that runs on Unix that is more secure replacement of sendmail program. Source code of Qmail is publicly available as well as its a free software.   The important feature of Qmail is: Security: Qmail was first MTA that was built by keeping security in mind while design(…)

Most common Email Transfer Agents (MTA) for web servers

Mail transfer from server are done through varous Mail Transfer Agents only. You will see an overview and their related functionality in below article. There are some technuiqe/tools to deliver email from server . Most commons email tranfer agents are *. exim *. sendmail *. postfix *. Exim: This is a mail tranfer agent (MTA)(…)

Overview of GIT and Important commands of GIT in Linux

Git is another code based repository like SVN, CVS etc.. . Although at the beginning it might be little tough than SVN which is very easy to learn but if you are thinking to work at higher level where you can control your code at multiple level then Git is the good way and you(…)

Email Server Settings and Other Service on Web server

What is the service on a web server: Service on Web Server: Service are basically like executable files which can either be started or stopped on the server based on requirement. For example mysqld . Mysqld is a service wich can be start, stopped or restarted at any point of time based on their uses.(…)

How to modify httpd.conf file of Apache on Linux command line

Write below command at your Linux command line to open httpd.conf (If you want to know more about nano command then click here If you wish to know location of httpd.conf file over various platform then click here) Above linux command will open httpd.conf file. Make necessary changes into this and use below linux command(…)

Cron Setup through Cpanel and Linux command

What is Cron Cron which is also known as Cron Job its basically a script that has some piece of code which is executed independently on server on scheduled time. Any command or script runs repeatedly based on scheduled time. The Cron daemon runs as a background service on server to check whether any cron(…)

How to retrieve admin section password of plesk using command prompt

If you have SSH access of your server and accidentally you have forgot the password of your Plesk based control panel then. Still you can get/retrieve the password by just logging to your server through SSH and then just type below command on your terminal /etc/psa/.psa.shadow Note: the location of your password might changed based(…)

Redirect a website to https using .htacess file

Due to certain reason you minght need to run your website on SSL only. If you want to do this by making changes in your .htaccess file then below are the code snippen you need to add to your .htaccess file. Below code snippet redirects your website from non HTTP to HTTPS based on server(…)

Some important general purpose linux commands

How to get Filesize of a Folder or Directory If you are looking for a linux command that shows the size of directory/folder then here it is du -hs –DIRECTORYPATH– where DIRECTORYPATH is the actual directory path. The possible output of this command will look like 22G –DIRECTORYPATH– This command is very much helpfull .(…)