Mysql FullText Tutorial

With the improved version mysql Mysql also got enriched with various smart tectiques. One of the most beautiful technique is “MySql Fulltext” . This blog is totally dedicated to “Mysql Fulltext Feature”. What is Mysql Fulltext feature Apart from various other kind of index like “Uunique, Primary, Distinct”, Fulltext is also a  kind of Index(…)

Calling a Stored Procedure from PHP

Calling a stored procedure with PHP only possible after connecting PHP with Mysql. Apart from conventional way of mysql connection . There are two ways to connect PHP with mysql i)    The database independent PHP:: DB extenstion  which is also known as Mysqli extension ii)    Recent PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension. In our example we(…)

Comma Separated search using fine_in_set function of MySql

find_in_set function is used to search comma separated values . For example if you are storing comma separated values of multiple choice like (1,3,5) then you can search it using find_in_set function. Example of find_in_set SELECT * FROM table WHERE FIND_IN_SET( ‘3’, service_offered ) LIMIT 0 , 30 Find_in_set function accept two argument argument1: string(…)

How can we see all mysql function availabel on any database

  If we want to see all mysql functions within a database table then we have to simply run below command from your mysql query SHOW FUNCTION STATUS To see all procedures on your mysql server simply rub below query SHOW PROCEDURE STATUS If you want to see the function definition through query simply run(…)

Disable Foreign Key checks or constraint in Mysql

Referential integrity/relation is one of the best feature for database architecuture. But in certain case we need to clear or disable these checks otherwise we can’t do normal modification within our data because if tow tables are following primary key and foreign key constraint then we must have to follow these relation otherwise we may(…)

Insert into select Mysql query example

We often looking for mysql query to copy data from one table to another table.To handle such kind of scenario using mysql query mysql we can use below mysql command. INSERT INTO new_table (column1, column2, column3) SELECT old_table.column1,old_table.column2,old_table.column3 FROM old_table Mysql Query to copy data from multiple tables to one table INSERT INTO new_table (column1,(…)

Remove duplicate records using mysql query

As a developer we always require to remove duplicate field values from our db tables. Some time we are in hurry and we don’t want to do brain storming to find out the solution of this question. So i have decided to write these special sql query so that we can get this solution easily.(…)

Concepts of Locking in Mysql Database

Mysql Database is a RDBMS which also support transactions. Transactions are guaranteed only through ACID property. Following are the full form of ACID A- Automicity (Any Transction within the database should follow “Do All or Do Nothing”  ) C- Consistency (DB should ensure db process should perform one state to another state consistently) I- Isolation(…)

Maximum rows in Mysql database table

This is the very general question which usually comes in a developers mind that “How much data a mysql table may contain”. This question is also important because as a developer we must know the maximum limit so that we can take appropriate action before table crash. Moreover the main reason behind database / table(…)

Exporting Importing MySql database using mysqldump in Linux

Export import is a great feature in almost all databases it provides us the flexibility to move our data from one database to another. Although this can be done through PHPMyadmin as well by simply selecting your database from phpMyAdmin and click on export button. But exporting and importing database through PhpMyadmin is only good(…)