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TOP 5 PHP based Ecommerce Solutions

If you are looking for an ecommerce solution then, the million dollor question you might have which open source solution I should opt for my website. Today I will show a comparison of top 5 PHP based open source. What is current trend ? Before we go with any conclusion about which one are the(…)

Quick Difference between HTML and XHTML

XHTML (Extensible HTML) is the extended form of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) . Which is almost identical to HTML 4.0.1. The main thing which forced the language designers to create XHTML was wrong coding standered that is still being accepted by some browsers but not by all. So the requirement was to create uniform language(…)

Image URL mapping in HTML by usemap attribute

Sometimes we need to map different area of an image with different links . For example we can see a world map on which  all countries are displayed on a single image. Suppose we want to link every country with their respective link. To handle such a scenarion HTML have a good attribute named “usemap”(…)

Onfocusout function not working with Mozilla firefox

The javascript function onfocusout doesnot work with mozilla firefox whereas the same function works fine with IE. To resolve this conflict we should use onblur function. This function onblur works perfectly fine with almost all browsers.

An Introduction to HTML

HTML which is stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is the language of web browsers.If anything which is available on internet then primarily its available in HTML. If we describe it in more elaborated sense then Hypertext means its support the feature to Hyperlink that means quick navigation can be provided with it.The term Markup Language(…)