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Bio: Chandra Shekhar Pandey is Google certified Cloud engineer, I am Magento2 Trained developer. Having huge experience in designing cloud solution. I have around 12 years of experience with world enterprise IT companies and fortune 500 clients. During my architecture design I am always caring about high availability, fast performance and resilient system. From the programmer background I have huge experience in LAMP stack as well. Throughout my carrier I have worked on Retail, E-Learning, Video Conferencing and social media domain. The motive of creating cutehits was just to share the knowledge/solutions I get to know during my day to day life so that if possible I can help someone for same problems/solutions. is a really a very effort for sharing knowledge to rest of the world. For any query/suggestion about same you can contact me on below details:- Email: shekharmca2005 at Phone: +91-9560201363

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Best practices for micro service design

We all know that micro services are very hot into the market, it’s because they provide a high performance and modern infrastructure so that we can scale our business infinitely. but the question comes...



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How to use Cloud Endpoint in GCP

Cloud Endpoint isĀ  a API management offering from GCP (Google Cloud Platform). It is a tool which give help at every step of API management right from development, deployment, exposing API, insights, monitoring, tracing...


First deployment on Kubernates

In Kubernates deployment, we need to create yaml files. So before going to write our first yaml based deployment with kubernates. I would like to explain common types of deployment in kubernates. Job: Create...


Kubernates basics and its architecture

Kubernates is the container orchestration platform.It creates container centric infrastructure. It helps from host centric infrastructure to container centric infrastructure so that you can run you application on any host.Kubernates is for achieving high...


App engine in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

App Engine is a PAAS (Platform as a service) implementation in GCP. It takes our code and get that running on GCP infrastructure with auto scaling, auto healing and high performance. It works on...