An Introduction to Cloud Computing

The next generation of internet is Cloud Computing. Although it is in very early stage but the future  of Clouds only.

In cloud computing you don’t need every application must be installed to your machine. Instead of this cloud will provide server based application and data. Now we will have centralize application that will be shared among user so users are not required to equipped like in current classical client server model. For example if we have to prepare any document then we must have MS office installed to our machine but in Cloud Computing MS Office will be there on cloud server so you have no tension to install MS office to your machine.

It is going to boost the concept of virtualization of resource. Like even currently we are seeing Amazon is already providing Cloud based server .

Here are the list of major advantage that we will get by cloud computing:

>> Multi Platform Support: Because Cloud services are web based then Same application can be shared to multiple platform including Linux, Macintosh, Windows, Smart Phone, Pads …..

>> Cost: Because Data will be centrally stored so don’t need to carry storage medium.

>> SaaS: Now you are not required to purchase every application this will lead to a concept known as Software as a Service (SaaS).

>> Reliability : It will use multiple redundant copies of data that will provide fast access and prominent disaster recovery.

>> Scalability: On demand resource generation will lead scalability

>>  Security: Due to Centralize data we will able to manage more application and data security.

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