Manage Promotional rules in magento

While running a website we can offer discounts to some of our customers so that our website can get popularity. This discount can be given though creating promotion rules. So this tutorial will give you an introduction to “Manage promotion rules in magento”   Magento offers 2 types of promotion rules   i) Catalog Price(…)

What is Qmail Mail Transfer Agent

Qmail is a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) that runs on Unix that is more secure replacement of sendmail program. Source code of Qmail is publicly available as well as its a free software.   The important feature of Qmail is: Security: Qmail was first MTA that was built by keeping security in mind while design(…)

What is magento blocks/ Magento block architecture

What is magento Block Block: Magento Block is actually a part of code which is reponsible to communicate with database model and make that available to layouts phtml file. Actually blocks are the small component of page render which take specific position on page. In other words blocks are not like complete page but its(…)