Magento 2 migration best practices

This tutorial provides a list of all important points which we should keep in mind while doing application migration from one environment to anther. Your can say this tutorial is the cheat sheet of best migration practices for magento 2. var/page_cache : It includes full page cache var/cache : It contains all cacheable objects excluding(…)

PHP Basic code Standard Guideline

PHP Basic code Standard Guideline: Type of Guideline Guideline Description Start PHP tag All PHP code must be started with Close PHP tag Closing of PHP tag (?>) should be omitted from script which contain only PHP code. Encoding All PHP files must use only UTF-8 encoding Class Naming Convention All class name must be(…)

Manage Promotional rules in magento

While running a website we can offer discounts to some of our customers so that our website can get popularity. This discount can be given though creating promotion rules. So this tutorial will give you an introduction to “Manage promotion rules in magento”   Magento offers 2 types of promotion rules   i) Catalog Price(…)

Vbulleting Error : Error 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED)

There may be two solution of this issue: Solution1: Gzip Compression If you are getting this error in your vbulletin forum then Gzip HTML output page compression is not enabled from admin controller.To verify gzip HTML output page compression admin control panel->Settings->Options->Cookies and HTTP Header Options. Here one thing is notable that GZIP compression support(…)