Magento 1.X

Class Initialization in Magento 1.x

Dependency Injection is a way of class initialization . Class Initialization was also available in Magento 1  so why dependency injection in Magento 2? To know the answer of this question lets see how object initialization was available in Magento 1 and what was the problem into it. Object Initialization in Magento 1.x Lets take(…)

Technical Specification and kick off details for Magento 2

Operating systems (Linux x86-64) Minimum 2 GB  RAM Composer Web servers Apache 2.2 or 2.4 OR  Nginx 1.8 MySQL 5.6 PHP (5.6.x Or 7.0.2) There are three ways of magento 2 installation i)     Project setup/Downloading the code base from and unzip the folder . Traverse to your document root (by using cd command) and(…)

Install and Uninstall Magento 1.x patch

In any stable product we might see some vulnerability, security threat, bug. Magento is not the exception it has millions of users/merchants who are running their successful stores. In view of same respective product owner release the fixes for possible/identified problem. These releases are known as patch.   Go to and open the tab(…)

Configure Solr with Magento Enterprise

Today we will see how to configure Solr with Magento Enterprise. For those who need more input about what Solr is or s/he is beginner then please follow : Beyond the above article I would like to explain how to install Solr, Because even if you are going to configure Solr on Enterprise magento(…)

Magento indexing FAQs and a comparison on indexing of CE vs EE

What is indexing: Indexing is a term/technique in database helps to provide fast access of data even in case of huge data in database tables field. The same way indexing works in magento . It is a technique that used to update/manage all the data in database, in such a fashion so that this data(…)

Magento Full Page Caching Tutorial

In todays tutorial we will learn about Magento Full Page Caching. By reading this article you will be able to know following things: What is Full Page Caching Advantage of Full Page Caching Disadvantage of Full Page Caching What is Placeholders and Containers How Full Page Caching Works internally What is whole punching Uncache block(…)

Magento2 new features

More Compatible with Popular Platforms like PHP 5. Using smart features of Zend caching, translation and translation Jquery Library is totally replaced by prototype library Due to Zends performance feature magento 2 is 20% more  performance incentive. Automated testing Better security with more server side validations Css3 PSR compliance Magento FPC (Full Page Caching) enabled

Magento Setup scripts explained with example

Since its highly discouraged from magento to run custom queries from setup script . If you are using custom mysql query from setup script then you might face problem while fetching their values on other place because in case of custom query your table might not be treated as an entity. For example, You can(…)

Resource Setup implementation in magento

How does Resource Setup Works internally on magento 1.7: If you are creating a resource setup under your new magento extension and you have followed everything from your side. If you want you can check below URL Still you are getting that your database operations are not being performed as expected then its time to(…)

Custom Configuration Settings in Magento

In this article we will got to know how to create Custom Configuration Settings in Magento 1.7 In this article we will get to know how to “create custom configuration setting in magento” . What is Custom Configuration Setting: Suppose you are creating a magento extension that will show RSS feed of particular URL on(…)