Class Initialization in Magento 1.x

Dependency Injection is a way of class initialization . Class Initialization was also available in Magento 1  so why dependency injection in Magento 2? To know the answer of this question lets see how object initialization was available in Magento 1 and what was the problem into it.

Object Initialization in Magento 1.x

Lets take a look of a model class in Magento 1

class Cutetehits_Employee_Model_Statusreport extends Mage_Core_Model_Abstract {

public function _construct() {

public function ModelMethod1()
//Some Operation

You wouldn’t see any code like

$statusreport = new Cutehits_Employee_Model_Statusreport();

Then how does this class gets initialized?

This class gets instantiated by ‘getModel’ method


Just for information ‘cutehits_employee’ is defined under config.xml that contain resourceModel class. For example if we are calling

Mage::getModel('cutehits_employee/statusreport') then the respective class would be Cutehits_Employee_Model_Statusreport

take a look of config.xml


The question still remain same, where does class initialization takes place. Just to answer the question,
Now just see app/Mage.php line No.460 you will see

public static function getModel($modelClass = '', $arguments = array())
        return self::getConfig()->getModelInstance($modelClass, $arguments);
So actual initialization of this class happened from getModelInstance method.

see app\code\core\Mage\Core\Model\Config.php line no. 1349

public function getModelInstance($modelClass='', $constructArguments=array())
        $className = $this->getModelClassName($modelClass); // retrieve actual class path
        if (class_exists($className)) {
            $obj = new $className($constructArguments);
            return $obj;
        } else {
            return false;

Advantage of class initializatio throgh getModel() is that all the model classes are being initialized automatically as soon as they called. But the major drawback is that class initialization is tightly coupled.Suppose you want to change make any changes in class initialization code then it will be hard.


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