Magento indexing FAQs and a comparison on indexing of CE vs EE

What is indexing:

Indexing is a term/technique in database helps to provide fast access of data even in case of huge data in database tables field. The same way indexing works in magento .

It is a technique that used to update/manage all the data in database, in such a fashion so that this data can be further utilized by website/customer with efficient manner.

For example: if webmaster as added a new attribute for products then this attribute must be accommodated to all existing products as well. And this task will be performed by indexing.

Why it is required:

Magento uses EAV based database structure. It means data is scattered into various tables. Due to this magento has huge database tables so to optimize the data from all tables and refresh frontend site after each activity from admin section we must need some technique to get newest data with faster speed. Reindexing plays are role over here.


What indexing exactly does:

It recreates the catalog, product, attribute, product price (depends on which reindexing is done. In case of reindex all it wll create fresh set of data with updated information). After recreating it new structure will be renamed with older one so next time when we refresh the browser we will see updated values on browser. So by this technique we get latest data without any lock or delay.

When does indexing comes into action/ How indexing works in Magento:

There are different way to execute indexing in magento CE and magento EE.

In magento CE it could be run from admin section, run manually through SSH or through cron. In  magento EE there is no option to run indexing from admin section. So, there are two options remaining

  1. Run it through SSH
  2. Run it through cron

But here in magento EE the smart indexing is that it does partial indexing automatically that is not the case of magento CE.

In magento EE, as soon as certain event occurs then based on those events certain triggers comes into action and update changelog tables that is further utilized for reindexing instead of whole tables data that makes it faster.

Difference between community version indexing/Enterprise indexing/ Difference Between magento CE indexing and EE indexing (Community Edition 1.8 and EE 1.13)


  1. Magento EE (Enterprise Edition) contain partial reindexing whereas CE (Community Edition) support full reindexing
  2. Magento EE uses the concept of materialize view other than normal indexing in CE
  3. You can manually run indexing from admin in magento CE but its automatic in EE


Default indexing types in magento CE

There are 9 types of indexing in magento CE by default. That are as below:

Product Attributes

Product Prices

Catalog URL Rewrites

Product Flat Data

Category Flat Data

Category Products

Catalog Search Index

Stock Status

Tag Aggregation Data

You can get the list of it and status of each indexing by running below simple select sql .

Select * FROM `index_process`

Default indexing type in mangento EE

There are 10 different types of indexing by default in magento EE












You can get the list of it and status of each indexing by running below simple select sql .


Select * from enterprise_mview_metadata

Note: Status (valid-1, invalid-2,in progress-3)

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