NgInx Server Vs Apache Server which web server is better

Nginx and Apache both are really good web server from general perception but still there are few facts that  makes nginx server a most better choice . See below some facts that will give you a better  idea to compare both web  servers  and you can choose accordingly.

History of Apache Web Server

Apache is one of the oldest web server  that is being most used by the websites and its because of their broader feature support. In 2009 Apache became the first web server to surpass the 100 million web site milestone 

 History of Nginx Web Server:

The primary purpose of invention of this web server was to server large and large number of concurrent request. The prediction was around 10,000 concurrent clients. So this is the new generation Web server which is a very lighter than old Apache Server.

*. Nginx is a event based web server where as Apache is a process based web server .

*. Nginx web server doesn’t create a new process for each new request. Apache creates a new process for each request.

*. In Nginx, memory consumption is very low for serving static pages.  Where as  Since Apache creates new  new process for each request which increases the memory consumption. So Nginx servers are extremely fast for static sites.

*. Since Apache is older web server so it has more documentation and support from online community than nginx

*. Nginx do not support Operating Systems like OpenVMS and IBMi. But Apache supports much wider range of Operating Systems.

*. Since nginx is a new version of web server so it is very lightweight than Apache.

*. As compared to Apache Nginx is a good server for sites that need fast, efficient reverse proxies .

Below are some core features which is supported by nginx server:

Static file serving.

  • SSL/TLS support.
  • Virtual hosts.
  • Reverse proxying.
  • Load balancing.
  • Compression.
  • Access controls.
  • URL rewriting.
  • Custom logging.
  • Server-side includes.
  • Limited WebDAV.
  • FLV streaming.
  • FastCGI.

 Licensing between Apache and Nginx Web server

 Licensing for Apache: Apache web server uses Apache License 2.0, a license sometimes considered “permissive” in that it is an open source license that is not a copyleft license.

Licensing for Nginx: nginx is distributed under the terms of the Simplified BSD License, a two-clause, copyfree variant of the BSD Licens

Requests Per Second comparison graphically between nginx and Apache Web Server.

I should gone through my previous article  related to that to know more about Requests Per Second.


Memory Consumption graphically between nginx and Apache Web Server.



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