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What is Docker and its advantages

Docker is the one VM replacement for multiple VMs. As per the creator from Docker.com “Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications, whether on laptops, data center VMs, or the cloud”. This definition itself explanatory that Docker is one stop solution for developers where a developer(…)

Why Vagrant and how it works

“There is an upgraded version of my this article available. You can take a look at Why vagrant is still fruitful for developers” What is Vgrant: We will understand the necesity of using vagrant with its advantages and disadvantages. We will also see how to install and run vagrant on windows with command line. Its(…)

Apache Solr tutorial for beginner

Behind the scene story: In today’s word where technologies are getting changed day by day because our necessities are changing day by day. In the same fashion today where almost each website want to serve thousands of thousand visitor at any point of time with better performance and without using larger bandwidth because the max(…)

Short Tutorial on Varnish Cache

 With  this short tutorial we would like to have a brief description about varnish Cache. By going through with this tutorial you will know the answers of some common questions related to varnish Cache like:   *. What is Varnish Cache *. Why Varnish Cache *. Advantage of Varnish Cache *. Configuring settings for Varnish(…)

Short tutorial on Solr Apache and How-To

By Going through this article you will be get answers for some questions like: *. What is Solr *. What are the Role of Solr for website Performance/ Why Solr is important for better website performance *.What are the important Feature that make it worth full *. General Configuration Settings for Solr *. How to(…)

NgInx Server Vs Apache Server which web server is better

Nginx and Apache both are really good web server from general perception but still there are few facts that  makes nginx server a most better choice . See below some facts that will give you a better  idea to compare both web  servers  and you can choose accordingly. History of Apache Web Server Apache is(…)

Important Metrics of a web server

If  you are going to choose/select a web server for your application then you will obviously wants to choose the best one . But to know the best one you might have some questions in your mind like: *. What are the Essential Server Performance Metrics? *. What are the Important Metrics of a web(…)