Top 10 Factors that Make your website big Hit

1. Keep your contains regularly updated: Regular update of contents over website helps google (and other search engines) to know that this website keeps concurrent information .Based on this sense Search Engines offer this website URL more frequently to the visitors on same keywords than their competitor websites.
2. Relevant Keyword and structured content: Its very difficult for a web crawler to know how to index and classify your website content. In order to achieve this we must have to make sure that my website’s content are primarily organized with big keywords. If you use proper SEO techniques you will be able to get the best benefits of web crawlers and indexing that will provide much higher ranking.

3. Pick a good Domain Name: Certainly i should say this point is not very important but still perfect domain name match up in a search engine so that a page of our website comes up #1 in search result.
4. Pick a good Domain Hosting company: Web Hosting is a major factor for getting your website higher in search engines results. In order to do you website better in SEO your website should have its own static “IP ” address. Some of the web hosting companies doesn’t provide static IP address instead of that the provide dynamic IP address (Typically windows NT hosting and Free hosting). Dynamic IP address means as soon some open your website in browser then HTTP request has sent to web hosting companies which quickly assign some new IP address. This is the difference between static IP address vs dynamic IP address.
Again one important point for web hosting company is if you are using free/shared hosting then that same hosting company have some “bad hats” (spammers or pornographers or whatever) who have been banned from search engines. Due to these bad hats your website can also be banned .
5. Always use best keyword based on keyword research: These days keyword competition are quite tuff so search engine give preference to those website who have give more better keyword and keyword density will got more importance on the eye of search engines.
6. Minify HTML, javascript and CSS: Minify HTML,CSS and JavaScript means only necessary HTML,CSS and Javascript should get loaded to the web page. Minify HTMl, CSS and Javascript gives less page load time. Less page load time is an important factor both for visitors as well as web crawlers.
7. Make your 404 page User Friendly: Due to misspelling or bounce URLs user might gets redirected to 404 page. So this is quite necessary that user should have more option to navigate the website or again needs to reach their designated URL.
8. Use site map: Site maps gives better visibility of your website crawlers. Using this page you can be assure that any important URL is not going to be missed from the web crawlers. So this is the necessity for website to be on their best.
9. Trusts ted Outbound links: Outbound link means the link that redirect users to another website. You must should have only trusted website to be linked from your website.
You will get benefited from those trusted websites.
10. Avoid duplicate content: This is very important factor for any website that want to be safe in the eyes of search engine. Because search engines love original and authentic content only.

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