Importance of PageRank for website

PageRank: PageRank is a ranking system provided by Google. Its   more than a point system which is provided by Google on the basis of Meta tags and Contents of the page.There are few factors which increase the pageRank

>> Meta Tags
>> Site Contents
>> Site Design
>> Links (inbound and outbound link)
Effect of links for pagerank
If Some site have the link of your site and your site alrady have PageRank then then both site will get profitable. One is more and other is less.Google provides the PageRank from 0-10.

Who uses PageRank?
PageRank is used for Search engine, SEO expert, Marketers,Link Buyer, Webmaster and those who wants to acquire the website.

Is PageRank only increases with the time?
No, its not guaranteed that pageRank will always increased it may decrease as well its all depends on the traffic and other options.

What are the other factors which help to increase websites popularity?

>>Conversion rate
>> Bounce Rate
>> CTR

what are the Factors that affects the Difference between Google and Yahoo SEO
On Page SEO  is better recognised by Yahoo than Google
Keyword density is critical for Yahoo
Internal links helps  more on Yahoo than Google
Yahoo does not check Java and iFrame usage as much as Google bots does

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