Most Important Actionable Web Metrics beyond PageRank

Google PageRankGoogle reminds the site owner that Page Rank should not be the end goal. Google in its official blog clearly state the PageRank shouldn’t be treated as a metric for any successful website. PageRank is suppose to be the most relevant factor of the web page as it depends on context, searcher intent, popularity, reliability of the web page. If the webmaster managing website in ethical way, it can be gained easily over the span of time.

The question remains unanswered- what’s the importance of PageRank? For the answer of this question webmaster should remember the goal of their business like make more money, attract more reader and generate more leads etc; PageRank stands in just for that factors. Higher the PR only indicates the website is good and not doing spam activity. You should never assume higher PageRank would results better ranking in SERP. You should remember PR is updated few times in a year but keyword ranking in SERP can be improved any time depends on the website potential and good SEO work. Google reviled algorithms use for PR is different from algorithms uses for ranking.

One question remain unanswered – What metric should be tracked for measuring gains for website or business?

Google suggests three important metric for tracking website performance (using Google Analytics or webmaster tool):

  1. Conversion rate: A ‘conversion’ is when a visitor does what you want them to do on your website. Filling Sign up form, downloading document, a purchase etc. you might want from visitor to do on your website. It directly belongs to your business goal. Hence, your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your site who convert into customer by performing conversion activity on you website. Therefore, this metric directly benefits your organization in measurable way.
  2. Bounce Rate: A ‘bounce’ is when a visitor comes on your site and leave website without visiting other page. Bounce Rate is the percentage of visits to your site where the visitor bounces. It is another important metric from which we can identify the underperforming page across website. So from this metric we can identify poor contents of underperforming page and can be modified according to your business goals.  It is not important how well your website rank if visitors bounce off as soon as they visit a page.
  3. Clickthrough rate (CTR): In context of organic search result, how often visitors click on your website out of all the times it goes appears on search results. A lower CTR means no matter how well your site is ranking, visitors aren’t clicking on your website. For improving CTR, URL should have content that tells the reason to click on it. In particular case you should improve title of the URL and Meta description of the page.

These are the important metric that should be taken care by webmaster instead of looking on PageRank.

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