Chandra Shekhar Pandey is Google certified Cloud engineer, I am Magento2 Trained developer. Having huge experience in designing cloud solution. I have around 12 years of experience with world enterprise IT companies and fortune 500 clients. During my architecture design I am always caring about high availability, fast performance and resilient system. From the programmer background I have huge experience in LAMP stack as well. Throughout my carrier I have worked on Retail, E-Learning, Video Conferencing and social media domain. The motive of creating cutehits was just to share the knowledge/solutions I get to know during my day to day life so that if possible I can help someone for same problems/solutions. CuteHits.com is a really a very effort for sharing knowledge to rest of the world. For any query/suggestion about same you can contact me on below details:- Email: shekharmca2005 at gmail.com Phone: +91-9560201363

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Most Important Actionable Web Metrics beyond PageRank

Google reminds the site owner that Page Rank should not be the end goal. Google in its official blog clearly state the PageRank shouldn’t be treated as a metric for any successful website. PageRank is suppose to be the most relevant factor of the web page as it depends on context, searcher intent, popularity, reliability(…)

Overriding Core Controller in magento

In my last blog i have just demonstrated simplest way to override core controller . But the best way of overriding core controller (like Account controller) is by creating a custom module that will override core controller and then we will route our new module for overriding. For example i am taking an example of(…)

Conditional Execution with MySql Procedures

Conditional execution is the great way to control the execution of our stored procedure. Conditional  execution can be implemented very easily like any other programming language in MySql as well.It can be achieved by using IF ELSE or CASE statement. Although here we are taking example of IF Else only. In our example here we(…)

Check performance of Linux Machine

In order to do our normal work on Linux machine sometimes we found that our system is not working smoothly as we want. We get surprised specially if we haven’t opened/running any heavy software/application that should take much of our system resource. Although its very easy to open your task manager in windows to see(…)

Simplest way to override core files of magento

All Important core files of magento is defined into App >> code >> core >> Mage In case of even very little customization in magento core functionality we need to add some of our custome code into the core code of magento. Here it is required to override core magento files which resides on the(…)

Adding custom registration field on magento

With this blog we will see how easily we can add any custom fields on magento registration page. We will add SSN# on the registration field Note: Althogh it is highly recommended to not touch the core files of magento because at the time of version updation magento updates the core files so if you(…)

Creating MySql Procedure

In todays world of programming where every one is using 3 tier architecture ( like MVC). Its highly desirable that problem should be properly distributed and coded in such a manner that help us to achieve our desired architecture. In the same context in order to resolve some complex problems we are required to use(…)

Installing filezilla with Ubuntu 10.0.4 ( Linux)

To install  filezilla with ubuntu 10.0.4 simply open your terminal and type the command $ sudo apt-get install filezilla It will ask for your super user password. Just provide super user password. Now it will automatically download and install filezilla for you. Once you filezilla is downloaded and install. You can see it in Application->Internet->filezilla.(…)