Simplest way to override core files of magento

All Important core files of magento is defined into

App >> code >> core >> Mage

In case of even very little customization in magento core functionality we need to add some of our custome code into the core code of magento. Here it is required to override core magento files which resides on the path which i have already mentioned above.

To override these files you can simply create the same folder structure in

App >> code >> local

You can create “Mage” folder here and then you can follow same folder structure and you can override any files here.

The basic idea behind behind it is that if “Mage” structure is available in local folder then magento read this file from here only and once the required file is not available in local folder then magento looks into the core “Mage” folder.

For example if you have to modify

App >> Code >> Core >> Mage >> Customer >> Model >> Entity >> Setup.php

then copy this Setup.php to following path

App >> Code >> Local >> Mage >> Customer >> Model >> Entity >> Setup.php

Note: If you will try to override the controller (let AccountController.php) it woun’t get overridden with this technique. To get more on that read “override core controllers of Magento”


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