What is MLM?

MLM means Multi Level Marketing. It’s nothing but a concept that provides a system how to do marketing without paying much attention on the advertisement of the products. Because in MLM advertisement/branding can be created through the networking only without using other sources of advertisement. The same amount that can be used for advertisement is provided directly to the networking team which gives the actual strength of the system without compromising the quality of the product. In other words MLM is a direct selling method.

Networking is done by a group of people who are known as distributor of the MLM company.     The
distributors join their friends , relatives and others with this system by telling about the features of the MLM company , its products and benefits. Benefits attract the people and they join it. The same work is done by the new joined distributors . In this way the sale of the MLM company is increased and profits is shared with its distributors.

This concept is getting popularity days by day within whole world. You can see there are millions of MLM companies are already doing good worldwide business and the list is still increasing.Following are some of the popular MLM companies across the world

1. Avon that started in 1886 by David H mcConnell . It’s known as grand father of all over worlds MLM
2. Amway which is again a leading international brand name in MLM
3. Herbalife International MLM which got started in 1963 and doing business in 74 countries.
4. Forever living products which has experience of more than 30 years and  already doing multi billion dollor business.
5. RCM which started in 2000 and doing business with different FMCG products.

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