Why Traits in Magento 2

In PHP, Multiple inheritence was supported with the help of Interface. But interface implementation is not flexible like class inheritance. So to make this happen traits came into the picuture. We will understand this concept with below :- With the help of inheritance we make our code re-usable, it means same property and methods doesn’t(…)

Technical Specification and kick off details for Magento 2

Operating systems (Linux x86-64) Minimum 2 GB  RAM Composer Web servers Apache 2.2 or 2.4 OR  Nginx 1.8 MySQL 5.6 PHP (5.6.x Or 7.0.2) There are three ways of magento 2 installation i)     Project setup/Downloading the code base from https://magento.com/tech-resources/download and unzip the folder . Traverse to your document root (by using cd command) and(…)

Install and Uninstall Magento 1.x patch

In any stable product we might see some vulnerability, security threat, bug. Magento is not the exception it has millions of users/merchants who are running their successful stores. In view of same respective product owner release the fixes for possible/identified problem. These releases are known as patch.   Go to https://magento.com/tech-resources/download and open the tab(…)

General architecture of Laravel based application

In a general purpose Laravel application, the typical architecture is as below. Based on the architecture diagram you can see that every customer request is being served from based on their route configuration. In this blog we will see all different components.   The only major difference laravel architecture has, their routing so we will(…)

Download a file Linux to windows using SSH

Here we will discuss the way to copy files from linux server to windows machine by using SSH using windows command line.   Download and Install PUTTY from https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/latest.html Go to command line and PUTTY location by using command cd YOUR_PUTTY_PATH Command syntax: pscp <Path_To_Source_File> <Path_to_Destination>   and examples are as below Example command to(…)

Laravel setup to localhost

Server Requirement : Prior to install Laravel we must need be ensure that you have below server configuration enabled. PHP >= 5.6.4 OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP Extension Laravel installation : Its just a two step process. Copy the code base at the installation directory. You(…)