How to Delete Cache in CS Cart based site

CS cart based site uses a very strong kind of cache mechanism. If you are trying to change the theme in order to change the design of the site. Then it might be that  even after selecting a new theme from admin section you wouldn’t find that your new theme is being applied with your(…)

How to install a new theme in CS Cart

There are two ways to get a new theme for CS Cart. Here i am assuming that you already have a zipped version of CS Cart theme file. Below are the steps to install a new theme with your current CS Cart setup. i) Extract that zipped file ii) Copy that file into “var/skins_repository” iii)(…)

Advantage and Disadvantage of different kind of magento backend cache mechanism

Below are the list of few type of cache that is mainly used with magento website File System (Var/cache) Cache: This is the default cache available with magento itself . By this magento stores the cache data under Var/cache folder. As per previous article magento created different kind of tag group and associate cache data(…)

Increase server performance with Magento Caching

Magento Uses multi level of caching based on Zend framework. Most of which are transparent to developers. From very top  Magento stores cache data in two different types of back end. i) Very fast cache like APC, Memcached, Solr, Redis..etc. ii) A slow like file system. Each cache medium  like APC, Memcached, Redis uses their(…)

Google E-Commerce integration guide

Google E-Commerce tracking is an efficient way to track your complete ecommerce transactions with google analytics. By implementing this method you can track your maximum information . With this tutorial you will learn “How to integrate Google E-Commerce Tracking with your website“.In order to integrate you must have your Google Analytics setup and E-commerce tracking(…)

Redirect a website to https using .htacess file

Due to certain reason you minght need to run your website on SSL only. If you want to do this by making changes in your .htaccess file then below are the code snippen you need to add to your .htaccess file. Below code snippet redirects your website from non HTTP to HTTPS based on server(…)