Trace why magento url is being redirected to 404 page

As soon as you open any magento based URL then following three thigs occur 1.Read the required controller and controller is dispatched based on URL routing 2.If your module name is mage_cms writter from module’s etc/config.xml then your contller will be called from following location ‘moduleName/controllers/controller/’ if no action is defined then IndexController.php will get(…)

vbulletin forum is getting redirected to activty.php

Once you will upgrade your vbulletin forum to latest version 4.2 you will find that by difault forum is being redirected to activity.php which is not desired in most of the cases. Mostly forum.php should be displayed as default page of forum. Although prior to vbulletin 4.2 we are suppose to make changes in index.php(…)

how to change admin password from database in magento

If you forget your admin password you want to reset  magento admin password through PhpMyAdmin . Now you simply need to know what is suffix your magento password is using . Just see the current encrypted password by SELECT * FROM admin_user; suppose your password value is “e53f3a2b9372babb593ed61c119c5ee1:El” then your suffix is El (i.e., last(…)

Image uploaded through WYSWING Editor is not showing on frontend section in Magento

During my work today i got a unique issue . The image which i was adding through WYSWING editor was not visible on frontend . When i dig into it i found that image src was somthing Becuause the src of image is not proper so it was not showing so i have made following(…)

How to check if current page is homepage in Magento Template

Sometimes we need to show particular block or code only on home page. In such a scenario we must need to know how to check if current page is homepage or not. Below is the code snippet that will detect that current template is home page template. Lets try this code at any phtml file(…)

How to add new Indian Rupee symbol to magento store

Magento displays Indian Rupee as RS by default. But because there is already new Rupee symbol So we must use this new symbol for our magento based site as well. Below are the steps to add new Indian Rupee symbol to the site. Step 1: Open lib/Zend/Locale/Data/root.xml and find<currency type=”INR”> you will see there is alredy(…)

Comma Separated search using fine_in_set function of MySql

find_in_set function is used to search comma separated values . For example if you are storing comma separated values of multiple choice like (1,3,5) then you can search it using find_in_set function. Example of find_in_set SELECT * FROM table WHERE FIND_IN_SET( ‘3’, service_offered ) LIMIT 0 , 30 Find_in_set function accept two argument argument1: string(…)

Magento settings important for developers

As a magento developer we must need to know few important settings. Below are few settings Q.   How to change currency type in magento through magento Admin? A.   Go to System tab select  Configuration option . Now from right side menus click on General tab and change country  for which you want to change currency?(…)

Javascript example to get comma separated checked value from multi checkbox

Below are the example about how to get comma saperated value of selected checkbox through javascript function.