Why Vbulletin is automatically creating tables like aaggregate_temp_% or aaggregate_temp_%

If you are seeing that your vbulletin database has  a lot of temp database tables are getting created automatically with some names like ‘taggregate_temp_%‘ or ‘aggregate_temp_%‘. Then there can be two reason behind the scene i)Your databases user doesnot have drop permission. Because vbulletin creates such temporary tables but this also gets dropped from the(…)

Wish you Happy New Year

New Year is about to come with lots of new Energy,lots of Fun and lots of prosperity. Change is the nature of life and life requires change.This change can be done in positive and negative both Direction.As per Indian Holy epic “GEETA” life is not possible without act.And your act is raw material of your(…)

How to enable Drupla 7 Contact Us form on website's Main Menu

Drupal 7 already comes  with in built Contact Us Module which can provide both site wide and Person wise contact us form.  But this Contact us module is not displayed on the top menu of site automatically. To show this contact us form we must need to do some manual configuration to the site. Steps(…)

Why Facebook Application are so popular

This great facebook application feature generating rush for marketers as well as  for companies to create their brand. Almost all major brands are already using it Facebook Application.Companies and marketers all are using facebook application as a weapon. Following are the features which makes Facebook application such a great. 1. Programmable– Its flexible in terms(…)

How can Facebook helps to create your own brand

Facebook Application helps you to reach many different target for different areas. Because this is the site that is being used from almost all category of people starts from children’s to old persons. That’s why facebook is becoming the premium choice for marketers and companies as well.  Everyone wants to create a brand now a(…)

Good alternative of VI editor in Linux Nano

If we talk about editors in Linux then VI is one of the oldest editor available with Linux that works with almost every version of Linux. But we have to remember a lot of other other command as well like :WQ for save :wq! For save and exit etc.. Command : $ vi testdoct.txt “Nano(…)

Change Vbulletin forums Admin Password through database directly

As a developer you may require to change the admin password . There are two ways to change password of vbulletin admin section. By using forget password feature in which you will receive new password on admin’s email. By updating new admin password from database directly.>> Admin’s password is stored into user table of vbulletin(…)

Location of httpd.conf in Ubuntu Linux machine

Location of httpd.conf in Ubuntu Linux machine , How to add virtualhost in Ubuntu Linux To add a virtualhost in Ubuntu below is the directory structure /etc/apache2/sites-enabled In this directory 000-default is a file. You need to modify add host entry into this file. Location of httpd.conf on Centos Linux , How to add virtualhost(…)

Zend Configuration for localhost or local machine

zend, which is a great PHP framework doesn’t provide any installable component untill you install Zend server on your server. Below is the directory structure of a zend project. To successfully run a Zend framework based project you must configure project such that all the libraries should be included as per Zend configuration setting. One(…)

Quick Difference between HTML and XHTML

XHTML (Extensible HTML) is the extended form of HTML (HyperText Markup Language) . Which is almost identical to HTML 4.0.1. The main thing which forced the language designers to create XHTML was wrong coding standered that is still being accepted by some browsers but not by all. So the requirement was to create uniform language(…)