How to start or stop apache on Ubuntu or centos Linux

Most of the time we stuck with the situation “how to start or stop apache on ubuntu linux”. Becasue this can be done through a little bit different cosmmand. Starting apache httpd server on centos linux step 1: login as root user  by typing following command Now it will ask for password. Please provide your(…)

Motivational Quotes

>> You should never forget two faces. The one who held your hand in difficult time and the other who left you alone in difficult time. >> Right attitude makes our life better. So enjoy your life don’t criticize. >> True friendship stands forever but love may start and stand anywhere. >> Don’t take life(…)

What is MLM?

MLM means Multi Level Marketing. It’s nothing but a concept that provides a system how to do marketing without paying much attention on the advertisement of the products. Because in MLM advertisement/branding can be created through the networking only without using other sources of advertisement. The same amount that can be used for advertisement is(…)

Anna Hazare: The hero of common people in India

Anna Hazare is one of the most popular personality in india these days. Although the age of this person is 74 but still this man comes to be known as 74 years old youth. This man has already done a lot of social welfare work at different levels. Now, he has become the youth icon(…)