Simplest way to override core files of magento

All Important core files of magento is defined into App >> code >> core >> Mage In case of even very little customization in magento core functionality we need to add some of our custome code into the core code of magento. Here it is required to override core magento files which resides on the(…)

Adding custom registration field on magento

With this blog we will see how easily we can add any custom fields on magento registration page. We will add SSN# on the registration field Note: Althogh it is highly recommended to not touch the core files of magento because at the time of version updation magento updates the core files so if you(…)

Creating MySql Procedure

In todays world of programming where every one is using 3 tier architecture ( like MVC). Its highly desirable that problem should be properly distributed and coded in such a manner that help us to achieve our desired architecture. In the same context in order to resolve some complex problems we are required to use(…)

Installing filezilla with Ubuntu 10.0.4 ( Linux)

To install ¬†filezilla with ubuntu 10.0.4 simply open your terminal and type the command $ sudo apt-get install filezilla It will ask for your super user password. Just provide super user password. Now it will automatically download and install filezilla for you. Once you filezilla is downloaded and install. You can see it in Application->Internet->filezilla.(…)