Web Service and their implementation with SOAP


In today’s era most of the applications are being developed based on Service Oriented Application (SOA). In order to serve their clients request remotely web services has come into place. Web Service has two parts

i) Procedures that are available on remote server which provide the response based on the query received from another server. This communication can be achieved by SOAP

ii) SOAP Client that help to send request to remote server and process the response which comes from server.

This SOAP Client and SOAP server follow the grammer of WSDL (Web Service Descriptive language) .

So, at the bottom line web services can be implemented with two stretegies

i) SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)

ii) WSDL (Web Service Descriptive language)

The basic difference between SOAP and WSDL

SOAP is an XML document which is used to transmit your data over HTTP, We can say its a carrier service that transmits (take away and receive ) the data from local to remote server where as WSDL is an XML document describes the functions available with web service and what are the parameters needed for those functions so its describes the web service .

A WSDL file can contains two parts into it

i) Document Oriented Procedures -> It means it contains documentation over remote procedure. Because this file (WSDL file) is machine readable as well. It provides the complete documentation over web service. You can see the details into our next blog

ii) Procedure Oriented Information -> What procedures/functions can be called through SOAP request and what are the parameter can be needed to call a service.

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