Adding Google Analytics with Vbulletin Forum


Google Analytics which is a free service provided by google to see the traffic status of your website and forums provide a better traffic than normal website because it is almost a sharing platform for all the world. So to receive and utilize these traffic there must be google analytics available on vbulletin forum.

I am assuming here you already know “How to get Google Analytics code for your website” There are two way to add Google Analytics code on the vbulletin forum.

1. Direct way without any special tool

2. Setting GA code using VBSEO (Which is a SEO Plugin for vbulletin)

Direct way without any special tool:

Step 1: Login to Admin CP . In the left menu click on “Style & Templates”.

Step 2: Click on Style Manager and from the style manager dropdown select “Edit Template”.

Step 3: Now from the style manage (See image below) just double click on “Headerinclude” section

vbulleting style

Step 4: You will get editable area . From this area symply add follwing code after meta tags.


Your analytics code here


Save it and refresh your forum Your Google analytics added here.


Setting Google Analytics code using VBSEO

Step 1 : Login to Your Admin CP

Step 2: Login to Your VBSEO Control Panel

Step 3: Now Go to General Settings >> Log & Tracking Options

Set Yes for Add Google Analytics Code to your Forum Pages?

And in the text field given below just use your GA Id (something like UA-XXXXXX-XX)

and click on save. Now you are done.

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