How to increase website rank with SEO tips and tricks

In order to get your website ranked, get more visibility for proposed customers/visitors our website must have a good reputation from SEO point of view. So every webmaster should have a clear idea how SEARCH Engines works and what are the main components of SEARCH ENGINE.

Below are the main components of SEARCH ENGINE:

*. Spider :-  Spiders are a program created by SEARCH ENGINES that downloads web pages same like web browser. Only difference between the browser display each information text, graphics etc. While a spider does not have visual components and directly with the underlying HTML code of the page.

*. Crawler :-  Crawlers are the program that find all the links on each page . The prime task of a crawler is to determine whether spider should go (evaluate) to links  or evaluate according to predefined list which crawler has already. So the prime responsibility of a crawler is to let search engine know the document which is already not known by search engines.

*. Indexer :- Indexers are the program which is used to identify and parse each content of a page. These components might be text, headers, structural or stylistic features, special HTML tags, etc

*. Database: Database are main storage area where search engines store the data which they have downloaded and analyzed.

*. Results engine: Its again a great program used by search engines. This program actually ranks the pages based on matched user’s query. And it also determine in what order page should display the result as a result of a query.

*. Web server: Web Servers are contains HTML pages with input fields. I have you must have seen google search feature for specific website. This is the good example of web server. Once the user search any query to search engine and its passed to web servers to search the particular web page which matches the users query.

So search engine is nothing but a combination of  Spider + Crawler + Indexer + Database + Results engine + Web server. If you  want your website should have better ranking just work based on SEO components because if you are able to satisfy the requirement of each component just believe me you will have great ranking and reputation of your website.

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