Importance of Mysql Functions

Mysql which has already lot of built in function that provides flexibility during writing of SQL Queries.Apart from that mysql allows us to create our own custom functions as well. These custom functions are known as mysql function.

Mysql functions are different than mysql procedures in broadly following sense:
>> Stored function return single value
>> Procedures return value using OUT and INOUT whereas function uses RETURN keyword for that.
>> Unlike stored procedures stored functions can be used directly inside the SQL statements like SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE and INSERT.

Its such a great feature that can encapsulate commonly used business rules and formula. Even you can control the full program within a single mysql function and return your intended result after execution of program.

Here are an example of creating a stored function

CREATE FUNCTION cust_status (in_status CHAR(1))
IF in_status =’N’ THEN
ELSEIF in_status =’R’ THEN
ELSEIF in_status =’E’ THEN

Make sure you are using Delimiter $ .

We can use this function directly in our SQL Queries:
SELECT cust_status(‘N’) AS STATUS

To Delete this function from mysql

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