Sending mails through SMTP settings in Magento

Why SMTP is required to deliver emails rather than normal server email: Sometimes you might see your emails are being sent to Spam folder not in Inbox . It might be its an issue of your default mail settings which are not sending proper header or that server is blacklisted to deliver emails in that(…)

Permanent 301 redirection of /home to / in magento

What is home page in magento Each magento based website by default call a CMS page  which is for home page.\ If you want to edit home page of  magento then you need to edit a CMS page that comes under CMS >> Pages. Where URL key is home. Why /home is accessible from magento(…)

Most common Email Transfer Agents (MTA) for web servers

Mail transfer from server are done through varous Mail Transfer Agents only. You will see an overview and their related functionality in below article. There are some technuiqe/tools to deliver email from server . Most commons email tranfer agents are *. exim *. sendmail *. postfix *. Exim: This is a mail tranfer agent (MTA)(…)