Some important general purpose linux commands

How to get Filesize of a Folder or Directory If you are looking for a linux command that shows the size of directory/folder then here it is du -hs –DIRECTORYPATH– where DIRECTORYPATH is the actual directory path. The possible output of this command will look like 22G –DIRECTORYPATH– This command is very much helpfull .(…)

How to do Magento Reindexing from command prompt

There are two ways to reindex data in magento i) Reindexing from admin section ii) Reindexing through command line With this article we will analyzing reindexing through command line only. Because reindexing through command line is more safe way to diagnose and perform. Just need to go to “shell” folder on Root directory. By writing(…)

How to Stop Magento Indexer Process

When you run the magento indexing process it involves few updation in your data . While these updating are going on magento automatically creates a Lock . It might be a situation when magento indexing is going on and suddenly you have got any error (If that request stop/timeouts/fails because of a PHP error )(…)

What is VAT ID / VAT Number

What is VAT ID / VAT Number VAT Number / VAT ID are unique number being used in European Union (except the United Kingdom) . The basic use of this number to track the purchasing on behalf of a business withing EU (European Union). This is a unique number consist of upto 15 characters.The first(…)

Steps to create coupon in magento

Step 1. Login to admin section Step 2. Go to “Promotion tab” coming under main menus Step 3. Click on “Shopping Cart Price Rule” from their menu options Step 4. You will see a manage page there . Now click on “Add New Rule” button Step 5. Now fill the form Step 6. Now fill(…)

How to edit hosts file in windows

What does the hosts file does on machine: Hosts file are similar to address book. As soon as you open any website in your browser the computer consult yours hosts file that “Is there any IP address assigned for this website in hosts files?” if its there then your browser ping that IP address in(…)

How to enable .htaccess file on apache server

If you are facing any difficulty about .htaccess file specially you found that .htaccess file is not working for your website then might be it’s a server issue. In order to check it you need to see your apache configuration file httpd.conf. See the location of httpd.conf file from by clicking here After opening that(…)

How to increase website rank with SEO tips and tricks

In order to get your website ranked, get more visibility for proposed customers/visitors our website must have a good reputation from SEO point of view. So every webmaster should have a clear idea how SEARCH Engines works and what are the main components of SEARCH ENGINE. Below are the main components of SEARCH ENGINE: *.(…)

Advance SVN command for web developers

SVN command To See log of last n commits on SVN Command: svn log -l n Demo Output: revision number | user | 2012-09-26 20:12:21 +0530 (Wed, 26 Sep 2012) | 1 line Commit message comes here SVN Command to see file list modified during particular svn version Command: svn log -r 233 –v Here(…)

Basic SVN command for web developers

SVN Checkout Command: This SVN command will setup all files from the server to your local folder. Basically this command is used to bind and synchronize your local folder with all the files and folder from SVN server directly. So if you are going to setup a project on SVN server then this is the(…)