Products type categorization in magento

We can create 6 types of product using magento community edition. Below are the concise description of each type. i) Simple Product: This product type holds simple product i.e, the product which is general configuration there is not variant include into it. In simple terms its also known as one size for all. ii) Grouped(…)

How to enable magento store on maintenance mode

To Enable maintenance mode for magento 1.6 or less • From the Admin Panel, select System > Configuration • Select the Maintenance Mode tab in the left side panel in the General section. • Expand the Maintenance Mode Options bar. • Set Enable Maintenance Mode to Yes. • From the Maintenance Mode Page drop-down menu,(…)

503 Service Temporarily Unavailable –Magento

If your magento installation is not working properly and you are getting error message “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” on your screen then there may be two reason behind this i) It may be a problem with your apache server. If your site is hosted on server then you should contact your hosting administrator to check(…)