Difference between Facebook Like and Facebook Recommend Button

Fecebook trends is commonly being used by all websites. Most of the websites already using facebook like or recommend button. Anyone can get the facebook like button from http://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/like/ On this page you can select either “Like” or “Recommend” button.  But before selecting any button a quick question comes in mind. “What is the Difference(…)

How to fix localhost redirecting to www.localhost.com

I have got several request that when I browse the site on http://localhost/PROJECTNAME. Then it automatically redirect it to www.localhost.com/PROJECTNAME . These kind of issue can be available with almost all CMS based project like Drupal,  Prestashop, Joomla,  WordPress,  CS cart,  Magento etc.. If you are also facing this issue on your localhost then you(…)