Insert into select Mysql query example

We often looking for mysql query to copy data from one table to another table.To handle such kind of scenario using mysql query mysql we can use below mysql command. INSERT INTO new_table (column1, column2, column3) SELECT old_table.column1,old_table.column2,old_table.column3 FROM old_table Mysql Query to copy data from multiple tables to one table INSERT INTO new_table (column1,(…)

How to close any application program using linux command line

sometimes we get that application program like firefox, geany or image editor which is running on our computer is not responding.Then we get various question in our mind like *. How to close application from command line? *. Is there any way to close application from command line. And others. Resolution Linux and Unix both(…)

Increase the Product Sell with Google Base

If you are running an e-Commerce website in USA or Canada and want to increase your sell in USA and Canada then Google can help you for this and this Google service is free of cost .This great service is known as Google Base. But the million dollar question is What is Google Base? Google(…)

Short Tutorial of On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO? On Page SEO is one of the optimization techniques that help google to read your web page so that Google crawler can update there database with the maximum information that you want to be searchable. The best your page On page will be the best google can store into their(…)

Importance of PageRank for website

PageRank: PageRank is a ranking system provided by Google. Its   more than a point system which is provided by Google on the basis of Meta tags and Contents of the page.There are few factors which increase the pageRank >> Meta Tags >> Site Contents >> Site Design >> Links (inbound and outbound link) Effect of(…)

Remove duplicate records using mysql query

As a developer we always require to remove duplicate field values from our db tables. Some time we are in hurry and we don’t want to do brain storming to find out the solution of this question. So i have decided to write these special sql query so that we can get this solution easily.(…)

How to earn more revenue from vbulletin forum

If you want to earn more revenue from your existing vbulletin forum then you need to increase your forum’s traffic and number of users. How to increase traffic on existing vbulletin forum: In order to increase the traffic of your forum you there are two great pluggins are available which can help you. 1.VBET Pluggin:(…)

Vbulletin Error for Table is marked as crashed and should repaired

Vbulletin which is a great forum software but if you are getting any email like Message: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1194 Table ‘session’ is marked as crashed and should be repaired; Code: HY000 To handle such kind of error you simply need to login to vbulletin section go to Maintenance >> Repair / Optimize tables Check(…)

Feedburners impact on SEO

Apart from all goodness of feedburner . Few SEO experts understand that feedburner is not support your website in SEO of your website.The reason behind that is in the normal RSS feed you will see direct link of your website like. But after burning your feed from feedburner your feed will look like…)

How to add Google feedburner to website

In the last blog we have seen the great benefit of using google feedburner of your site.In this blog we will see the vital steps (Step by Step) guide to add feedburner to your site.But prior to add feedburner to your site you need to make sure that you already have your websites RSS feeds(…)