Remove Satellite and Terrain tab from Google Map

Normally when we create Google map it automatically shows two tabs on the google map.Below are the example of the normal google map. Below are the code that produce above map Now to remove satellite and Terrain tab you need to modify above code like below Here one thing is notable we have added removeMapType(…)

Rsync command For File and Folder backup in Linux

rsync is a great tool/command in linux that copies file from one location to another location. Following are some of the cool features of rsync command: *. Using this command we can even copy files from one server to another server by¬† using SSH. *. It synchronises source and destination folder. That means even the(…)

setRegisterInArrayValidator function is not working in zend

In order to dynamic form validation handling in Zend framework we use “setRegisterInArrayValidator”. But few days back i have observed this fuction was showing me with new Zend library. With new Zend library if we write $form = new Admin_Form_Form1(); $form->getElement(‘form_element’)->setRegisterInArrayValidator(false); It gives the error “Invalid type given, value should be float, string, or integer”(…)

Volume Controller has gone/disappear from Ubuntu 10.x Panel

Not showing volume controller on the Ubuntu Panel task bar is a common problem for Linux users. If you are also facing same situation then don’t worry here are some easy steps. Just follow below step and you will get it back within 1 minute. Step 1: Right Click on the panel where you would(…)

What is Brain Drain

What is Brain Drain? Brain Drain is the migration of trained personnel from one country to another in search of jobs. Every year hundreds of our best brain make frantic efforts to leave One country and settle abroad. Why Brain Drain? When employment opportunities are being created in India. The question arises that why should(…)

Top 10 School in India

Top 10 Boarding School in India Rishi Valley School . Chittoor The Doon School. Dehradun Mayo College Girl School. Ajmer *. Mayo College. Ajmer Welham Girl School. Dehradun * . Bishop Cotton School. Shimla Lawrence School . Sanwar Daly College. Indore Assam Vally School. Balipara Rashtriya Indian Military College. Dehradun Sherwood College. Nainital Orchid International(…)