Importance of E-Commerce

E-commerce is an important feature of internet emerged from last few years. E-Commerce means Electronic Commerce. It is used to distribute, buy, sell transfer of money online. E-Commerce has opened the way of doing business any time and anywhere without beyond current geolocation.

In E-Commerce primarily following steps are followed
1.The Consumer Places an order by visiting the website and selecting their intended product from the merchant’s website to shop and select anything into their cart.

2.The transaction processed: When the customer press the “Buy Now” button the user is required to fill payment details from the next page. After verification of their payment details the deal is finalize for next step.

3.The Transaction is approved: When the customer completes the transaction . As a proof of securely transaction both the customer and merchant receive a unique transaction confirmation number.

4.The transaction is settled: Within promised period of time the customer’s transaction is settled.

Types of E-Commerce:
1.Business to Business (B2B) : In this type One business man used the E-commerce system from another business man.
2.Business to Consumer (B2C) : Here one business person sells their product directly to customer/consumer.
3.Customer to Business (C2B): Suppose customer wants to sell their product then C2B support this type of E-Commerce. Here Business person does business from the product received from customer.
4.Consumer to Consumer (C2C): These types of sites are just intermediate system. Means these kind of sites facilitates transaction between consumers with the help of some third party application/software. For example online auction sites fulfil the concept of C2C

So finally here are the benefits of e-commerce system:
i) Purchase can be made any time (24 X 7)
ii) Easy to purchase goods.
iii) A vast market area
iv) More convenient for customers.

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