Advance SVN command for web developers

SVN command To See log of last n commits on SVN

Command: svn log -l n
Demo Output: revision number | user | 2012-09-26 20:12:21 +0530 (Wed, 26 Sep 2012) | 1 line
Commit message comes here

SVN Command to see file list modified during particular svn version

Command: svn log -r 233 –v

Here 233 is revision number

Demo Output:

Revision number | username | 2012-09-26 20:12:21 +0530 (Wed, 26 Sep 2012) | 1 line
Changed paths:

Commit Message provided by user

SVN Command to Roll back or revert entire svn repository to an older revision

Command: svn merge -r 28:24 .

Note : here dot (.) at the end of command is important as it demonstrate everything to be done on same place

Demo Output:
It will show the list of files that has been modified during the merge process

SVN Command to Checkout Revision with particular version

Command: svn co path/to/my/repo -r 24

Note: 24 is the revision number

Demo Output:
It will show the list of files that is coming to your folder from repository

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