Drupal is lauching soon Net Telephoney for your normal mobiles

Drupal is working on next generation of Web that will be voice based applications.As we all know, Drupal is a collection of modules and each modules follow same type of architecture. Drupal a coming with a great Module which is known as VOIP Module. Now you don’t need to always have smartphone or Iphone to(…)

8 Best Reason for popularity of Drupal

Drupal which is already running with Lacs of websites that handles many types of business which includes Government Agencies, NGO, Individual, Blog etc……. And these lists are arelady increasing. The reason behind its so much of powerful Open source package. Here are the list of drupal features that makes it more powerful and force to(…)

Adding Google Analytics with Vbulletin Forum

Google Analytics which is a free service provided by google to see the traffic status of your website and forums provide a better traffic than normal website because it is almost a sharing platform for all the world. So to receive and utilize these traffic there must be google analytics available on vbulletin forum. I(…)

Important Message for Ecommerce Webmasters

If you are running an ecommerce website and storing customers credit cards and other transactional information into your website then you must be aware about PCI Compliance. PCI is basically a security standared council accepted globally. This organisation is setup by major card provider companies which includes American Express, JCB Internation, MasterCard and Visa. So(…)

Manage Variable Configuaration in Magento

Suppose we want to manage any API key or any variable in magento . We will see here how to manage any configurable variable from magento admin and how we can use these configurable variable in frontend section in any controller or model . Let we want to Manage Twitter Oauth Consumer key and Consumer(…)

Creating Block from controller in Magento

There are two types of blocks can be created in Magento a) Structural Block: This block usually contains the attribute ‘as’ with block tag through which the application will communicate with designated area. b) Content Block: These are the blocks that produces actual content inside each structural block. It seems like normal template file that(…)

Why You Must Dream?

Do you agree with me that everyone must dream? I hope you will…. Because Dream is the most important part of one’s own life. Each person leads his/her life with dreams . Why is the dream necessary in life? Dreams basically inspire you at every moment. They let you go on and achieve the goal.(…)

Authnticating Magento users with Twitter Oauth

Twitter Oauth which is a greate way to pull users on our website without registering themselves on website.You can use this authentication as a parallel system of your site registration like Fconnect and Google connect.With this you simply need to just logging once from your twitter account and allow us to share your very initial(…)

Best Time management Techniques

We all knows every person has 365 Days ( 52 weeks almost) in a year to live But we see only few person are able to create remark in their life within that particular year . Do you think success is only created for those persons? No!!! its not true. Success is created for all(…)

Change logo of vbulletin forum

When we initially install vbulletin it looks something like below image Here we are seeing CMS page by default comes on screen but because most of the time our primary target is to show Forum page to the users not the CMS page so here are the way to showing forum page by default in(…)