Products type categorization in magento

We can create 6 types of product using magento community edition. Below are the concise description of each type.

i) Simple Product: This product type holds simple product i.e, the product which is general configuration there is not variant include into it. In simple terms its also known as one size for all.

ii) Grouped Product: Grouped products allows to create a new product as a combination of more than one product. Merging of more than one product can be done through “Associate Products” tab.

Unfortunately we are not able to set a special group price directly from product page. This can only be achieved by setting up a new shopping cart price rule.

iii) Configurable Product: In this kind of product customer are allowed to choose variants. Firstly we need to create simple product and then add this to a configurable product such that customer can choose the size and color and then add to cart.
The same thing can be achieved through simple product as well by using custom options. Only the difference between configurable product and simple product with custom option that that inventory is not checked or updated for individual options during the purchase of the custom options.

iv) Virtual Product: Virtual product are those product types that doesn’t have physical presence. It includes a service . All purchase made in magento with this product type are one type purchase.

v) Bundle Product: This product type is also known as “kit” similarly grouped product type. This product type is ideal when user has to select a number of configurable options with at least one option. In other words it can be used for customizable suits.

vi) Downloadable Product: Downloadable product are similar to virtual product except the ability to provide downloadable digital files. These files are either uploaded through FTP or admin area.

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