Interview Question for B.Tech Freshers


Certainly I have got question from various B.Tech guys what kind of questions generally asked from freshers who just passed their engineering exam as they are not aware about what kind of questions may asked from interviewer. From that perspective, I have created list of few top questions that is asked frequently to freshers

who are trying to get entry in IT industry.



Into the questions I have not mentioned the answers because the answers of each question will vary depends on person to person. So its better to answer it from yourself and judge yourself based on purpose of question.


Best of Luck !

Below are list of top 10 questions!!!


Question 1: Tell me something about yourself.

Purpose of Question: The purpose of this question is to know if you are able to explain yourself?

Question 2: Why you want to join IT industry.

Purpose of Question: By the answer of this question, interviewer will get to know that are you willing to join this industry by force or by choice.

Question 3: What is your future goal

Purpose of Question: Interviewer wants to know if your future plan co-relates with IT?

Question 4: Explain OOPS

Purpose of Question: To know how deeper knowledge you have for your programming language.


Question 5: what is your preferable job in the relax/spare time

Purpose of Question:  It will gives you an idea about your creative vs non creative mind.

Question 6: What is an object

Purpose of Question: To know technical knowledge

Question 7: What is inheritance

Purpose of Question: To know technical knowledge

Question 8: Difference between inheritance and polymorphism

Purpose of Question: To know technical knowledge

Question 9: Create an E-R diagram for Bookseller APP

Purpose of Question: To know technical knowledge

Question 10: Create a function to create pelindrom

Purpose of Question: To know technical knowledge




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