Web Service and their implementation with SOAP

In today’s era most of the applications are being developed based on Service Oriented Application (SOA). In order to serve their clients request remotely web services has come into place. Web Service has two parts i) Procedures that are available on remote server which provide the response based on the query received from another server.(…)

How Magento Catalog Search works internally

Magento uses a very strong kind of catalog search functionality that is relaiable,efficient and search oriented . Behind the scene it uses a strong mechanism. Search is based on indexing that we do from either admin section (URL) or from shell (URL). Today i have invested a lot of time to know their internal workflow(…)

How to Delete Cache in CS Cart based site

CS cart based site uses a very strong kind of cache mechanism. If you are trying to change the theme in order to change the design of the site. Then it might be that  even after selecting a new theme from admin section you wouldn’t find that your new theme is being applied with your(…)

How to install a new theme in CS Cart

There are two ways to get a new theme for CS Cart. Here i am assuming that you already have a zipped version of CS Cart theme file. Below are the steps to install a new theme with your current CS Cart setup. i) Extract that zipped file ii) Copy that file into “var/skins_repository” iii)(…)

Advantage and Disadvantage of different kind of magento backend cache mechanism

Below are the list of few type of cache that is mainly used with magento website File System (Var/cache) Cache: This is the default cache available with magento itself . By this magento stores the cache data under Var/cache folder. As per previous article magento created different kind of tag group and associate cache data(…)

Google E-Commerce integration guide

Google E-Commerce tracking is an efficient way to track your complete ecommerce transactions with google analytics. By implementing this method you can track your maximum information . With this tutorial you will learn “How to integrate Google E-Commerce Tracking with your website“.In order to integrate you must have your Google Analytics setup and E-commerce tracking(…)

Basic SVN command for web developers

SVN Checkout Command: This SVN command will setup all files from the server to your local folder. Basically this command is used to bind and synchronize your local folder with all the files and folder from SVN server directly. So if you are going to setup a project on SVN server then this is the(…)

How to fix localhost redirecting to

I have got several request that when I browse the site on http://localhost/PROJECTNAME. Then it automatically redirect it to . These kind of issue can be available with almost all CMS based project like Drupal,  Prestashop, Joomla,  WordPress,  CS cart,  Magento etc.. If you are also facing this issue on your localhost then you(…)

Calling a Stored Procedure from PHP

Calling a stored procedure with PHP only possible after connecting PHP with Mysql. Apart from conventional way of mysql connection . There are two ways to connect PHP with mysql i)    The database independent PHP:: DB extenstion  which is also known as Mysqli extension ii)    Recent PHP Data Objects (PDO) extension. In our example we(…)

How to handle documentRoot using .htaccess

This solution also works in case you are running your website from any particular directory but don’t want to show the code directory into browser URL (Hide codebase directory from showing into browser). RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ [OR] RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^$ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/CodeFolder/ RewriteRule (.*) /CodeFolder/$1   With the above htaccess code we are setting(…)