Enable Frontend Hint to Magento

Frontend Hint and Template hint in magento is very useful while developing an application . This feature is by default available in all magento based site. If You want to enable frontend hints on magento then go to system >> Configuration >> From this page Under Advance tab (In the left side at the end)(…)

How to retrieve admin section password of plesk using command prompt

If you have SSH access of your server and accidentally you have forgot the password of your Plesk based control panel then. Still you can get/retrieve the password by just logging to your server through SSH and then just type below command on your terminal /etc/psa/.psa.shadow Note: the location of your password might changed based(…)

Mysql FullText Tutorial

With the improved version mysql Mysql also got enriched with various smart tectiques. One of the most beautiful technique is “MySql Fulltext” . This blog is totally dedicated to “Mysql Fulltext Feature”. What is Mysql Fulltext feature Apart from various other kind of index like “Uunique, Primary, Distinct”, Fulltext is also a  kind of Index(…)

Visitor Tracking with magento based website

Visitor tracking and URL Tracking for visitor is an important aspect of any website through which we can keep track on our visitors . I have come through enormous request when client want to know what are the URLs on which customers are coming more often. Although visitor tracking can be very easily done through(…)

Create Your first Test Ruby On Rails Project

Step 1: Start Command Prompt with Ruby (By using start >> All Programs >> Start command prompt with ruby) Step 2: Run the below command rails new testproject -d mysql This command will create necessary code frame / Directory Structure for this project in the desired directory. Also you are telling that this project is(…)

Installing Ruby On Rails On Windows

Step 1: Download Ruby Windows installer from http://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ Step 2: Double click and install it Step 3: Now Under Start Button you will see a new Section “Start Command Prompt with Ruby“. Just open that and run below command Command: ruby -v Description: With above command You will see which current version of Ruby is(…)

How Magento Catalog Search works internally

Magento uses a very strong kind of catalog search functionality that is relaiable,efficient and search oriented . Behind the scene it uses a strong mechanism. Search is based on indexing that we do from either admin section (URL) or from shell (URL). Today i have invested a lot of time to know their internal workflow(…)