How to earn more revenue from vbulletin forum


If you want to earn more revenue from your existing vbulletin forum then you need to increase your forum’s traffic and number of users.

How to increase traffic on existing vbulletin forum: In order to increase the traffic of your forum you there are two great pluggins are available which can help you.

1.VBET Pluggin:
VBET pluggin which is such a great pluggin that will help you to see the forum in your local language as well. This great feature is supported for almost more than 52 languages. In other words you can see your same forum in 52 languages. This language translation of your forum leads more number of pages will be cached from your search engine.That will help you from following ways
*. Attract more visitors
*. Attract more users
*. Improve AdSense earnings

Although this puggin is not free . But you can purchase it from These guys will even setup this for you on your forum.

2. vbSEO Pluggin: Vbulletin will provode few good techniques from SEO point of view like

*. Keyword-friendly URLs (Albums)
*. Keyword-friendly URLs (Social Groups)
*. Keyword-friendly URLs (Thread Attachments & Images)
*. 301 Redirect Old Non-Standard URLs
*. Permalinks (User Profiles,users, blogs, groups)
*. Stop-word Filter for URLs (optional)
And many more.. which is not available in core vbulletin that will help you to get huge amount of traffic

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